Finally, someone did it.

After moving into our house a couple of years ago I went through and replaced all of the incandescent light bulbs with LED equivalents.  It wasn’t a cheap project, but just from my back-of-the-napkin calculations, it should pay itself off in about 2 years of normal use.  And, considering that my household is about as far from normal as you can get, the payback period is most likely substantially shorter.

I still have a few fluorescent fixtures left, mainly small recessed lights above showers and bathtubs, with the notable exception being three 2-lamp 4′ fixtures in my garage.  Each bulb is 34 watts, so when my kids(wife) leave the garage lights on, they’re burning 200+ watts continuously.  It drives me bonkers, especially considering I think I could leave pretty much every other light in the house on at this point, and it wouldn’t consume that much energy.

I considered replacing the fixtures with LED equivalents, but being the lazy pragmatist that I am, I figured it was only a matter of time before someone made a drop-in replacement.  I wasn’t wrong.  Cruising the local Costco this weekend, I ran across these bulbs from Feit.  They were a little pricey, and I’m sure I could find them cheaper somewhere else [a quick search on Amazon points to me being a liar] but they were convenient, and I could always return them if they didn’t work.  The best part of these lamps is that they’re literally a drop-in (or twist-in) replacement, there’s no need to remove the existing ballast or re-wire the fixture.  At 17 watts per lamp, they’re a great replacement for each of the 34 watt bulbs.

I threw them in one of the fixtures when I got home, and I’m pleased to say that they work great.  They start off a little yellowish right when they first fire up, but brighten into a nice white light once they’ve warmed up for a few seconds.  I’m definitely pleased with these bulbs (so far) and will be replacing the bulbs in the other two fixtures shortly.


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