Welcome to the new digs…

You may have noticed things look a little different here right now, and that pretty much all of my content is gone.  I recently moved and because my new internet provider, while being literally twice as expensive for the exact same service I was receiving before, has decided that it’s in my best interest that they block any outbound traffic on port 80, basically forcing me to host my sites elsewhere.  While there are work-arounds for not being able to send stuff out on 80, none of them really jive with how I have things set up, and I wasn’t really in to doing something half-assed, so I signed up with a hosting provider and will move my stuff over to it over the coming week or so.

So, thanks, Cox Communicaitons, for being twice as expensive, and providing half the service that Time Warner did.  You’re awesome.  And thanks to AT&T for not being able to provide anything faster than old school DSL speeds to my house, even though you constantly bombard me with advertisements telling me how awesome your fiber build-out turd that you call U-verse is.  You would think that they would have put a little more thought into building out their plant in a brand new neighborhood, and that they’d at least be able to offer something near what they could on their plant at my old house – where the copper coming in was 40 years old.

Damnit Google / Verizon FiOS, where are you?

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